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Software solutions for your business

We provide a full spectrum of expert database, application, cloud migration, consulting and custom training services to our clients. The data is one of the most valuable assets of your business regardless of its size, only after your employees of course. It plays a critical role in growing your business, compliance, and decisions-making. Our custom solutions to manage your data and its access can make your business growth at an accelerated level, improve customer service, your employees’ productivity and aid in making critical business decisions.

In addition to our highest standards of customer service, integrity, best value for your money, our services include:

  • Complete database projects
    • Analysis of existing systems
    • Requirement gathering
    • Data model design
    • Development, testing and implementation
    • Data migration
  • User interface
    • Website development
    • Native applications
    • MS Office custom applications
  • Business intelligence reporting
    • Custom reports
    • Dashboards
    • Data integration
  • Database administration
    • Remote monitoring of your database platform
    • Performance tuning and query enhancements
    • Cloud hosting